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Tools and Supplies to Edge a Sidewalk
1 Lawn edger
2 Safety goggles
3 Gloves
4 Ear protection
5 Garden hose
6 Rake
7 Shovel
8 String or chalk line
9 Measuring tape
10 Level

How to Edge a Sidewalk

Master the Art of Sidewalk Edging with These Easy Tips

Edging a sidewalk is a great way to give your outdoor space a neat and polished look. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to edge a sidewalk:

Step 1: Gather your tools and materials
You will need a few tools and materials to edge your sidewalk. These include a spade, a pair of gardening gloves, a small hand-held edger, a broom, and some weed killer (if needed).

Step 2: Prepare the area
Before you start edging, clear the area around the sidewalk of any debris or obstacles. Remove any weeds or grass growing along the edges of the sidewalk.

Step 3: Mark the edges
Use a small hand-held edger to mark the edges of the sidewalk. This will help you create a straight and even edge. Make sure the edger is perpendicular to the sidewalk and use a steady hand to create a clean line.

Step 4: Dig the edge
Using a spade, dig along the marked edge of the sidewalk. Start at one end and work your way along the entire length of the sidewalk. Dig down to a depth of about 2-3 inches.

Step 5: Remove the excess soil
Once you have dug the edge, use the spade to remove any excess soil. You can either discard the soil or use it to fill in any low spots in your yard.

Step 6: Clean up the area
Use a broom to sweep away any dirt or debris left behind from the edging process. This will help give your sidewalk a clean and polished look.

Step 7: Apply weed killer (if needed)
If you notice any weeds or grass growing along the edges of your sidewalk, apply a weed killer to prevent them from growing back. Follow the instructions on the label carefully and avoid getting the weed killer on any nearby plants.

And that's it! By following these simple steps, you can easily edge your sidewalk and give your outdoor space a neat and polished look.

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